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About Me

A curious mind and an accredited Coach, APC and Lumina Spark Practitioner, I mainly work with leadership teams to help create impactful and effective teams through Leadership Coaching with the use of MBTI and Lumina Spark.I live in London with my supportive partner, 2 adorable dogs(Sophie & Luigi) and a chameleon (Ted). 20 years ago, I started my professional career as a substitute teacher in Sicily(Italy), a magnificent island with multiple souls, great history and traditions. Being curious and courageous, always pushed me out of my comfort zones, exploring and looking at new perspectives. Always challenging myself and discovering the newer self, which I strongly believe is much needed now than ever before. Working in different sectors across hotels, restaurants and IT with nearly 20 years of experience in Learning & Development. A strong optimist and believer of our potential to build a brighter future, I've done mentoring all my life to help improve lives, relationships and business performance. I also work with individuals to identify their goals and challenges and discover the next steps to achieving these.We will work together to achieve your objectives, build deeper self-awareness, increase confidence and ensure you become your best self. Making the decision to discover one's own potential, can be a big step! Take the next step towards your future today! Let's work together to create a beautiful world where everyone's inspired, feels safe and fulfilled.Start your journey!


We are committed to providing high-quality life coaching so that our clients can reach a better and more fulfilled level of life. We will develop a tailor-made set of goals that motivate clients to achieve their true potential and bring positive change.


We want to give our clients a way to find a clear purpose in their lives and reach their goals and so they can fulfil their life long dreams.

Rave Reviews

What Clients Have Said

I was very happy working with Salvatore, he listened to me carefully. He Let me explain everything. He asked very challenging questions which help me to come up with good answers. Moreover, he was interested in my progress in future which gives me a warm feeling.

Saeedeh Soleimani

Dear Salvatore, Thank you very much for your time and for offering your phenomenal knowledge to save my project. The way you know how to listen, the way you conduct the coaching session, the skills that you have, the way you guide the client towards a great end / goal, the easiest way you make difficult things being understood......all of this makes you a great coach and a great guide for people who need guidance. Thank you one more time for saving my project.

Enache Zarafu

He helped me see my full potential. I landed the job that I wanted.

Richard Cool

I've known Salvatore for several years. I first met him at a strengths workshop and then signed up for his coaching session. 
As a coach, Salvatore is nothing short of incredible.

Carmelo Belluardo


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Salvo's coaching guidance opened up a new way of thinking for me and I realized that I always have a choice to improve. His positive attitude and passion for us to take the journey together and his enthusiasm to empower me to become a better version of myself, blended with his professional methods, inspired me to stick to the exercises with joy. The detailed and well-structured coaching sessions were personally based developed, which helped brand myself. It was a journey to self-discovery, making a new lifetime, going ahead by relying on myself and my hidden power.


Life Coaching has enabled me to understand how certain skills fit within my journey and thereby helped me set and reach my goals. Also, outcome and action planning helped me to deal with my own struggle with anxiety, so that today I can enjoy every aspect of my life. I was recently asked to complete a survey, using people that I know very well, who could identify five of my best strengths. I was pleasantly surprised with the results and it was extremely positive to hear different outlooks about myself. I would like to continue this coaching support for as long as possible, as I find it beneficial and it has helped to improve my life skills greatly.


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